Payments/Deposits/ T&C’s


Please contact me to make a deposit / payment.  I will pass on my bank details.


Terms and Conditions:

Our job is to remove the items you have informed us of during the booking,  from one property to another. It is your responsibility to ensure all wardrobes, beds etc to large to leave your property are dismantled for us to collect unless we’ve already discussed this.

Failure to correctly list ALL of your items will result in us missing other bookings we may have that day and the approximate price I gave you might be slightly out..

If the list is bigger than first discussed during our telephone conversation, that’s fine, we understand how stressful moving can be but please inform us as we may not have time to re-arrange our diary & inform our next customer.

Deposits: Deposits are deducted from the final bill,  however, If the job is cancelled / postponed, within 16 days of the move, you will either lose your deposit…OR  billed 50% of the approximate time that I estimated you move to take. This is our cancellation fee OR our charge for our loss of work.   A new booking will result in another deposit. The deposit is to secure that particular slot. ONLY book if you are certain of a date. We’d rather have work than a small deposit as it wont cover a days wages.

Minimum Hours: If i have given you an estimated time frame for your move, this acts as a minimum amount of time you are billed, if I suggest 4-5 hours, the minimum time is 4 hrs to which you will be charged.


We are dedicated to make you move run smoothly, but please be considerate of other clients who may be moving after you.

Good communication will eliminate any issues that may arise.