Removal Advice

Call on : 0191 214 6281 / 0789 140 3719


Before we arrive: Please keep the area dog / cat / child free. Extra obstacles can cause injuries and will make the move longer.

Please keep some spare floor sheets for your new home, if you have carpets.

Our typical starting time is between 8:30 -9:30, we prepare to vacate any property for 12 if there is a key wait or chain.

We can’t be held responsible for delays and have no influence on key release.

We can’t be expected to turn up at 11-12 am to work for 3 hours as no company/ employee can survive on 3 hrs wages per day.

Reassess your Contents: Please ensure the list you gave me during the quote is correct. Extra items may result in other jobs I have booked being missed or an extra trip needed. ALSO, inform me if there is less items as this can affect my arranged times and leave me with unfilled slots…
Please call / txt me before your move if you have underestimated your contents.
A month before:

Utilities: – gas, electric, water and telephone companies etc..will need to be informed about your move. Give them at least 1-3 weeks’ notice so you have time to take relevant meter readings etc.

Packing Items:

Make sure care is taken whilst packing. Box everything you can, loose items are hard to stack.

Mark boxes with information or room location (i.e.R1=Room1, R2=Room2, K=Kitchen etc)  and of course if its fragile,= F.

Mark all fragile boxes clearly and keep in one place for the remover to collect.

Make sure box lids can close to ensure even stacking whilst in van.

Boxes to use:
Make sure the boxes you use are strong enough to be moved about. Try not to pack as much as you can into big boxes as this will result in a box too heavy to lift. It’s better to have average sized boxes moderately packed than to over-pack big boxes. Also ensure boxes are well taped-up, especially the bottom. masking tape! and try to avoid crisp boxes etc.
Books: Pack books into smaller boxes to avoid the box being too heavy for us to lift!
Specific Items:

AMERICAN FRIDGE FREEZER: Normally the doors will need removing to exit/enter any property. (MAKE SURE POWER IS OFF) To do this there are 2 plastic covers located at the top of the door Left and Right, unscrew and remove the covers . separate the male/female power clip(s) and unbolt the door hinges that hold the doors to the unit, lift the doors out of the bottom hinges. To remove any water-feed units, you will need to turn the water off at the isolator valve, take the screws out of the housed kick plate at the bottom of the fridge and push the push-fit valve to remove the water feed.

Leave ALL units / draws / sideboards etc, clutter free on top.

Draws: please empty the contents of your draws unless they are light enough to carry.

Sofas: Please remove sofa feet if possible ( no 2 houses are the same)

Wardrobes:  Make sure the wardrobes are light enough to carry. Some units assembled in-house may be too large to remove from your property. Please check the dimensions and weight before the removers arrive. Normally a triple wardrobe will be too large to turn on landings or to get it down the stairs, please unassemble if this is the case.If Wardrobes need to be dismantled, make sure all screws, bolts, fixings are removed from the flat-pack and put into a bag as these might be lost / bent, in transit, if left attached to the unit.

Mirrors & pictures: heavily pack breakable items such as mirrors/ pictures in bubble wrap.

Lamps:  Take shades off lamps and box the body with cushions, towels etc around them.

TV’s: protect your TV well with the original packaging or tape a sheet and cardboard around your TV screen for added protection.

Electrical devices: laptops, tablets, sky boxes, midi systems etc should be well protected and boxed,  also marked fragile.

 Dining tables: Please remove legs if you are capable, this makes it safer to transport.

Try to keep every room as tidy as possible, without too much clutter as it may prove problematic for the removers to manoeuvre items.

Also keep stairs and walkways obstacle free.

White Goods:
Make sure white goods are emptied of all contents before the removers arrives. Washers & dish washers should be free from mains and drained. Fridges need to be defrosted and all contents removed.
These tips have been added to make the removal as efficient as possible. However if problems do arise i.e. (wardrobes too large) we do carry tools to dismantle, enabling us to remove the item(s) easily.



We always advise what is best for packing etc. We can arrange packing materials to be collected.

If boxes are not used and advice is not observed, with poorly packed items or items not packed at all, we will not offer cover for your goods. If the move is full of bags that contain breakables, we reserve the right to cancel the move on health and safety concerns.

Correct boxes add protection to your goods. We cannot stack items that are not boxed so insurance cover could be invalidated.